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Telecom Services

qJHWuDPXlkGyZs_EqiVFlopB3gPiSBnyUusF1FPViNA,BiAkrpRIjyUb9J1hn7CZZykYEh70e954wE8uu2wGp1UHidalgo Communications – Implementing Solutions for Today Using the Technology of Tomorrow.

We know telecom.  We know technology.  Hidalgo Communications has extensive relationships with the industry’s leading telecommunication and service providers.  With dozens of years of trusted and proven experience, Hidalgo is uniquely positioned to provide quality solutions and service at substantially competitive rates – assuring your business receives top of the line at the most reasonable rates.  As a trusted partner, Hidalgo leverages relationships to ensure its clients receive the latest and greatest technologies at the most affordable rates in the timeliest and most effective manner.  Our team is with you each and every step of the way through a completed installation.  Should you require assistance beyond the install – we won’t be anywhere else but available to help you get the service you deserve.  We stand in front, behind and next to every opportunity we deliver.  This is why we are the best at what we do.

The solutions we offer for Telecom Services include:

Telecom Expense Management


RFP/Account Management Services


Managed Services